Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Show: 07.28.12

The wait is finally over for the massive 20-person City of Win interview we did last week. Nearly every upcoming emcee in Chicago was cramped into the studio to speak their peace, the way it used to be, and should be! City of Win is a fashion and lifestyle brand that just released the City of Win Vol.1 Mixtape. Many of the artists, including Rockie Fresh, ShowYouSuck, Prob Cause, BBU and more have their own respective works coming out as well, so listen up.

Chicago fam Defcee of Skighwalkers crew also stopped into talk about his upcoming 100 different projects. Hopefully we'll hear one of them soon! dope freestyle at the end of his segment, check it out, #realbars

P.S, don't blow your speakers out when Sharkula starts freestyling. turn them down for that.

Steal it HERE.

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