Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Interview: Gzus Piece

Grab our interview with Gzus Piece HERE.

The Show: 4.21.12

Make sure you catch this show with special guest Gzus Piece from Treated Crew cause it might be the last time you can before we start UP'N FEES!

Steal it HERE.

 Here's what we played:
Madvillian - America's Most Blunted (Four Tet Remix)
MellowHigh - Go
Chrome Children - No $ No Toke
Crucial Conflict - Hay
Wiz Khalifa - Mia Wallace
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Budsmokers Only
Highlife - Get A Light
Freddie Gibbs - Natural High
Wiz Khalifa - Visions
Method Man & Redman - Dis Is 4 All My Smokers
De La Soul - Peer Pressure
Suff Daddy - LottaHydro
Cypress Hill - Hits from the Bong
Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe
Kid Cudi - Hyyerr
Jay-Z - Hater
Quasimoto - Greenery
Redman - Freestyle Freestyle
Terry Urban - How High (Remix)
Oh No - Take Another
The Throne - Who Gon Stop Me
Busta Rhymes - Dillagence
Erykah Badu - Honey Coated
Jay Electronica - Posers
Suff Daddy - Suff in China
Grand Puba - Go Hard
Gzus Piece - 95
J Dilla - Shouts (Alt)
Action Bronson - Ray Lewis
Treated Crew - All Black
Gzus Piece - Bounce
Treated Crew - Up'N Fees
Gzus Piece - Ghetto Blessings
Dawreck - 420
Mac Miller - Cold
Denmark Vessey - Sharkula Vomit In The Ladies Booty
Pugs Atomz - You're My Weed
Walter J. Liveharder ft. Pac Div - Gold Trees
Knxwledge - Intro
Raj Mahal - Shooting
Paper Son- Infinite (Remix)
He.llsent - For The City
Oh No - Flight
Sev Seveer- Check The Method - Plato's Kush
Klevah - Pretty Nigga
Rah Digga - The Nigga in Me
North Scientific - Saturday Afternoon
Oddisee - Long Beach
AMS - Dusted
Vic Mensa - Black Intro
Grap Luva - Collertors Item
AZ - Rather Unique
Big Shug - Murdapan
Kazi - Average
Kanye West - Way Too Cold
Childish Gambino - Backpackers
Sir Michael Rocks - Chill
Danny Brown - Monopoly
Redman - Smoke Buddah
Qwel - The Highest Commitment
Schoolboy Q - There He Go

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Show: 4.14.12

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

GLC - I Aint Even On Yet
Gangrene - Acts of Violence
Big K.R.I.T - King's Blues
Buff 1 ft. Invincible & Black Milk- Supreme
Cali Kings feat. Xzibit, Defari and Alkoholiks - Fresh Out The Box
Canibus - M Sea Crecy
DJ Cam feat. Afu Ra - Voodoo Child
E.C Illa feat. Planet Asia - Ill at Will
Ghostface Killah feat. Rza - Nutmeg
Gangstarr - Make Em Pay
Mighty Joseph - Rock It Science
Molemen - Bonus track (Vakill,Qwel,Prime,Mass Hysteria)
Mr Lif - Collapse The Walls
Musab - Baang
Madvillain - Great Day
Rasheed Hadee - Hadiesel
D&D All Stars -1,2,Pass It
Cypress Hill - Throw Ya Hands in the Air
Basement Khemists - Vibrate
Apollo Brown - Way Back
9th Wonder - Ether
Little Brother - The Becoming
Rashid Hadee - Man's Best Friend
Elzi - One Love
Aceyalone & Abstract Rude - We Like Break Beats
Mos Def - The Glow
Bibio - Fire Aint
Madvillain - Eye
DJ Day - Four Hills
Bilal - Love It
O.D.B & Busta Rhymes - The Money
Kanye West - Dark Fantasy
J Dilla - Gobstopper
Common - Sun God
Add-2 - Love Jones
Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe
Devin the Dude - I-Hi
Childish Gambino - Backpackers
Odd Future - Rella
Danny Brown - Monopoly
Cyhi da Prynce - Bulletproof
Planet Asia - No Apologies
Maxilla Blue - Lego Blocks
Gangrene - Gladiator Shit
Wiz Khalifa - Nameless
The Notorious BIG & 2Pac - Otis
Pac Div - The Greatness

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Interview 4.7.12: 4th Pyramid

Grab the interview with 4th Pyramid HERE.

The Show: 4.7.12

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

Rubberoom - It's On
El-P - Constellation (Remix)
Eminem - Till I Collapse
The Game - Martians vs. Goblins
Cage - Agent Orange
RZA - Holocaust
Mighty Joseph - The Dark Ages
MF DOOM - Operation Greenbacks
Odd Future - Everything That's Yours
Boot Camp Click - 1, 2, 3
Lil' Kim - Queen Bitch
Kanye West - Good Morning
Gorillaz - Rock the House
MIA - Paper Planes
Rashid Hadee - Worker's Compensation
The Artifacts - The Ultimate (Remix)
The Cool Kids - Black Mags
Jay Electronica - Exhibit A
Kanye West - Mercy
Treated Crew - All Black
A Tribe Called Quest - Get A Hold
Suff Daddy - Viana
Suff Daddy - Like That
Exile - Frequency Modulation
Action Bronson - Shorty Bop
Raekwon - Crane Style
Slum Village - 2U4U
Common - Doin' It
Sean Price - Blame 1
Kendrick Lamar - Average Joe
4th Pyramid - Simmy Auto
4th Pyramid - So Balboa
4th Pyramid - It's So Hot
Lupe Fiasco - Double Burger With Cheese
Odd Future - Oldie
Kendrick Lamar - Growing Apart
Jay Electronica - Victory is in My Clutches
Quasimoto - Axe Puzzles
Jay-Z - Lost Ones
J Cole - Too Deep for the Intro
Wiz Khalifa - Never Been
9th Wonder & Buckshot - Birdz
The Roots - Radio Daze
Common - Gold
Busta Rhymes - You Can't Hold the Torch
Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar
Pete Rock - Smooth Sailing
Exile ft. Slum Village - Time Has Come
Common - The Dreamer
Planet Asia - Cali Breeze
Bahamadia - Da Jawn
Wiz Khalifa - Mia Wallace
Thelonious - Miami Nights
Schoolboy Q - There He Go
Add-2 - Going Going Gone
Thelonious - The Homme Team
Mick Luter - Wat Ya Sayin'

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Interview: Sense One, Reefa Rei, Boodah Blaou

Grab this Saturday's (3-31-12) interview with Sense One, Boodah Blaou and Reefa Rei HERE.

Interview: DJ Uncle El, OneTwoKno

Grab the interview with Uncle El and OneTwoKno HERE.

The Show: 3.31.12

In this excellent airing of the Hip Hop Project we feature Sense One, Reefa Rei and Boodah Blaou, as Sense and Rei discuss their upcoming collabo album "Ancient Jewelz," and a possible video for the heavy single that is out right now, titled "Without You". Boodah Blaou gives us a snippit of his album Diamond Neckbones, which is also on the way. If you are confused as to what "Neckbones" actually are we. But there is an explanation in this show that is sure to leave you....still confused.

Also in this episode is a guest DJ set from DJ Uncle EL, and an interview with EL and Onetwokno. The set has some huge tracks in it and, he sits down to talk about releases, shows, and collaborations.

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph
Xzibit - Speed of Life
The Notorious B.I.G. - Things Done Changed
Masta Ace - Sittin' on Chrome
Ice Cube - Who's the Mack
Big L - Holdin' It Down
The Cool Kids - 88
Prodigy - Dirty New Yorker
Bumpy Knuckles - Tell Em I'm Here
Busta Rhymes - Turn Me Up Some
Eminem - Just the Two of Us
Ghostface Killah - Camay
The Primeridian ft. Rashid Hadee & Pugs Atomz - Money
Add-2 - Dirty Ghetto Kids (Remix)
A Tribe Called Quest - The Chase II (Remix)
Typical Cats - Any Day
EPMD - You're a Customer
80's Babies - I Wanna Talk to You
Craig David - 7 Days (Remix)
Common - Be
All Natural - 50 Years
Gravediggaz - Diary of a Madman
Madvillain - Accordian
Del tha Funkee Homosapien - X Files
Elzhi - Detroit State of Mind
De La Soul - Bionix
Pusha T - Alone in Vegas
Zebrahim - Zizzle
Suff Daddy - S.E.X.

Reefa Rei & Sense - Without You
Sense & I.B. Focuz - Rose Pedals
Boodah Blaou - Suits from 72

*Uncle EL set*