Friday, November 16, 2012

Interview: Saba of Pivot Crew

Grab Saba's interview right HERE.

Interview: AMS Nerd King

Check this interview with AMS Nerd King HERE.

Interview: Future Freshman

Grab the Future Freshman Interview HERE.

The Show: 11.10.11

If you are searching for new artists to check and new catalogs to scour, look no further: this was truly a community episode. Saba of Pivot Crew, AMS Nerd King, and Future Freshman all came through for interviews. Make sure to check the freestyle with AMS and Saba as well!

Steal it HERE.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Show: 10.13.12

Grade Aplus and producer Mike Jaxx stopped in for a long overdue mic session and interview. Why are studio was covered in balloons, we will never know. All pizza, all chocolate cake, all veggie leaf-eater snacks errrthang though.

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

Oh No - Dues-n-Don'ts
Freddie Gibbs - Stay Down
Domo Genesis - All Alone
Dirty Digital - Sodapopinski
Tyler the Creator - Au79
Vast Aire - Super Friendz (Remix)
Bumpy Knuckles - Ownit
Wiz Khalifa - Nameless
Travis Barker - Devil's Got A Hold of Me
Black Milk - Deadly Medley
Thelonious - The Homme Team
Big KRIT - King's Blues
Jay-Z - Hear the People
Common - Nothin' To Do
Mustard Seed Project - Dolly
Danny Brown - Nowhere To Go
GLC - Pussy Preach
JJ DOOM - Banished
Typical Cats - The Crown
Suff Daddy - Bo Break
Oddisee - Paralyzed
Jswiss - (A)Live in America
Blu - Rap Dope
Suff Daddy - Drinks
Outkast - Elevators
The Roots - Make My
Nas - Daughters
Jay Electronica - Dear Moleskin
Georgia Ann Muldrow - Seeds
Proof - Kurt Kobain
Quiz - Blow the Horns
Talib Kweli - Back it Up
Grade Aplus - Antidote
Grade Aplus - Feather
Gzus Piece - Gimme That Cash
Robust - Closed Caption Contraption
The Hood Internet - More Fun
Big Boi - Royal Flush
ShowYouSuck - Blue Lobster
Chip tha ripper - 25 wives
Vast Aire - His Majesty's Laughter
Strong Arm Steady feat. The Game - Trunk Muzik

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Interview: Psalm One X Encyclopedia Brown

Psalm One X Encyclopedia Brown X THHP.

Steal it HERE.

The Show: 10.6.12

Definitely make sure you check this show! Psalm One and Encyclopedia Brown stopped by to tell us all about Psalm's latest project, "Child Support" -- a collaboration between the ASCAP Songwriter Residency and America Scores. Psalm One had the opportunity to tour and record with over 200 kids writing raps and working in classrooms. For the full story, grab this show and the interview. We are also blessed with a DJ set by Push Beats resident DJ Uncle El towards the end of our show. Also dope!

Steal it HERE.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Show: 9.15.12

DJ Kana as the guest bringin' the heat on the uno y dos. Congratulations to og Cosm Roks on his marriage!

Steal it HERE.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Show: 9.8.12

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt - Gamebreaker
Klevah - We Go
Auggie The 9th - New Edition
Ace Boogie & Young Giftz - Dont Want War
Common - No Sell Outs
Esohel & Add-2 - Silence is Golden
Da$h & Retch - Arrowhead
Boodah Blaou feat. Awdazcate
Sev Seveer - Glow Zone (instroMix)
He.llsent - Professional Freestyle
Martin $ky - Something Cool
Rich Jones - Uptown Hostage
Ajax Staxx - Ludwiggy Freestyle
Freddie Gibbs - The Hard
DWill - Elite
Evidence - Mr. Slow Flow
Gzus Piece - Fuck Yall
Dibiase - Cook Books
Pac Div - Black Acura
Quasimoto - Greenery
Rice The Sound Transmitter - Check the Method
Basement Khemists - Vibrate
Mass Hysteria - Eat'em Up Mike
Matlock - I'm a Thief
J - Zone - Fuckin Up The Money
King Geedorah - Fazors
E.C Illa - No More
EC - On Ill
E.C Illa - Devistate
East Flatbush Project - Tried By 12
Fat Joe - Thank God For That White
Ghostface Killah - Daytona 500
Grafh - Silent
Pete Rock & Ini - Fakin Jax
yU - I Believe
JSwiss - Alive
Black Opera - Legendary
Slum Village - Church
Jay Electronica - Dear Moleskin
Samon Kawa - THAIMA
ODB & Busta Rhymes - The Money
Raekwon - Fire Water
Black Star - Yo Yeah
Bahamadia - Innovation
Exile - Your Summer Song
Slum Village - 2u4u
Oddisee - Long Beach
Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools
Awkward - Bars and Hooks
Action Bronson - Bird on a Wire
Fal Side - Home Bass
Questlove - Goodbye Isaac
Oddisee - Paralyzed
J Cole - The Cure

Friday, August 31, 2012

The Show: 08.25.12

Welcome back Pugs Atomz, or should we say, Euro P!!

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

Oso - Goldie (remix)
Uncle El ft. Ezekiel 38
SFT - The Girl Onehunga
Uncle El - Float Away
Detroit CYDI - Too Cool
For The City - He.llsent
E Brown - Warfare
DJ Limbs - She Walked Away
Aesop Rock - Grace
Chrisco - Straight Up
Quiz feat. Crooked I - Blow the Horns on Em
The Black Opera - Legendary Scrolls
Pac Div - Take Me Back
De La Soul - Trouble in the Water
Big K.R.I.T - Thank You Family
Mr. Green - Janice
Danny Brown - Sweet
Guilty Simpson - Sweet
Phonte - Life of Kings
The Roots - Radio Daze
Del - The X - Files
Common - Dooinit
Mos Def - The Glow
Roc C - Movin
DTMD - Sea Me Sun
Scienz of Life - Ghettoz tah Galaxiez
Pugs Atomz - Big
Doc Illingsworth - Bread Winner
Dotropolis - Baboon Face
The Shape of Broad Minds - There 4 Me
Jneiro Jarel - Changes
2 Chains - Like Me (Prod. Million $ Mano)
GLC - Pussy Preach
ShowYouSuck - Girlfriend
A$AP Rocky - Pretty Flacko
Schoolboy Q - Party
Crucial Conflict - Hay
JJ Doom - Banished
Domo Genesis x Alchemist - Elimination Chamber
Illa J - All Good
Madlib - Cheaters (episode 3)
Netherfriends - Summertime
Akbar - Mothership
Pusha T - Trouble on My Mind
Pugslee Atomz - Vandal Squad
The Fugees - The Beast
Domo Genesis x Alchemist - All Alone
Tyler the Creator - Yonkers
Nas - Loco-Motive
JJ DOOM - Bite the Thong
J Dilla - Jay Dee's Revenge

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Show: 08-18-12

Here was a genuinely fun show to be a part of; catch Sense Hernandez of Beast Factory Films with his crew in his first radio interview EVER. Learn the in's and outs of good video directing by downloading our featured interview from this show.

The same night we also had a visit from longtime listener, emcee and producer RayGun Da Milkman. An interview with Chicago lyricist collective Tomorrow Kings ended in a crazy, much anticipated freestyle session, live on air.

Steal it HERE.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Show: 8.4.12

Old Irving Productions (Robust, Max, Pore), the trinity of beatmaking and emceeing, stops through the show for a live set. check it out

Steal it HERE.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Interview 7.28.12: Defcee

Chicago fam Defcee (Adam Moshe Levin) of Skighwalkers crew also stopped into talk about his upcoming 100 different projects. Hopefully we'll hear one of them soon, especially his next solo effort, Damn Near Grown. There's dope freestyle material at the end of his segment too, check it out, #realbars

Steal Defcee's interview


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Interview: City of Win

Nearly 30 people, 6 mics. 20 track mixtape. 2 hours. An interview that left us feeling like we ran a marathon. Grab it here. #CityOfWin

Steal it HERE.

The Show: 07.28.12

The wait is finally over for the massive 20-person City of Win interview we did last week. Nearly every upcoming emcee in Chicago was cramped into the studio to speak their peace, the way it used to be, and should be! City of Win is a fashion and lifestyle brand that just released the City of Win Vol.1 Mixtape. Many of the artists, including Rockie Fresh, ShowYouSuck, Prob Cause, BBU and more have their own respective works coming out as well, so listen up.

Chicago fam Defcee of Skighwalkers crew also stopped into talk about his upcoming 100 different projects. Hopefully we'll hear one of them soon! dope freestyle at the end of his segment, check it out, #realbars

P.S, don't blow your speakers out when Sharkula starts freestyling. turn them down for that.

Steal it HERE.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Interview: Seven Odds Crew

7Oddz about 40 deep with 40oz!

check our interview with Seven Oddities Crew HERE.

The Show: 7.21.12

7Oddz Crew came in for their interview fashionably late....buuut its always fashionable when your crew is about 15 deep.

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

Kendrick Lamar - Fuck Your Ethnicity
Jay-Z - No Hook (Brooklyn Soul Remix)
Chip tha Ripper - GloryUs
Blockhead - Hello Popartz
Juggaknots - The Circle (part 1)
Qwel - Frost Seeding
Nas - Back When
Pusha-T - Can I Live
Cam'Ron - Get it Get it
Gravediggaz - Unexplained
Outkast - Slump
Killer Mike - JoJo's Chillin
Oh No - The Ride
Dainja Mowf - Espionage
Joey Bada$$ - Hardknock
BJ the Chicago Kid - The World is a Ghetto
Jay Electronica - Dear Moleskine
Gzus Piece - 95
Beastie Boys - High Plains Drifter
Odd Future - Lean
Chuck LI - Impala
Rasco - Unassisted
Pharcyde - Drop
Molemen - Put Your Quarter Up
Will Smith - Summer Time
Digable Planets - Dog It
Camp Lo - 52 Pick Up
Scienz of Life - U.S.A
GZA & DJ Muggs - Advance Pawns
Masta Ace - Acknowledge
40 Love - Anywhere
Promoe - Off the Record
Sadat X - I Know This Game
Large Professor - Kick the Habit
Q - Tip - For the Nasty
Elzhi - One Love
KRS-One - Slap Them Up
Madvillain - Accordian
De La Soul - Bionix
Busta Rhymes & Cassidy - Psycho
Kanye West - Dark Fantasy
Binary Star - Glen Close
DJ Day - Four Hills
Creepin - Suff Daddy
A Tribe Called Quest - Get A Hold
Tony Touch feat. Mos Def - Tony Touch
Reflection Eternal - Move Somethin
Jean Grae & 9th Wonder - Love Thirst
Dstrukt - Honey Coated
Spacek - Eve (Jay Dee Remix)
Stalley - Milk and Honey
Jurassic 5 - Freedom
Diamond District - Shining
Shabazz the Disciple - Death Be The Penalty
De La Soul - The Bizness Remix
7Oddz - Coup de Gras
7Oddz - There Will Be Blood
7Oddz - Undertakers

Friday, July 20, 2012

Interview 7.14.12: Auggie the 9th

If you are a fan of rap music, Mortal Kombat, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, Harold's Chicken, hightop fades, mushroom or potato cream soup, or, just genuinely interesting interviews....than download this segment and listen to it closely, and, enjoy.

Steal it


Here's what we played:

The Show: 7.14.12

Auggie the 9th, head dude of Legion of Dudes, makes his Hip Hop Project studio debut with Sev Seveer, and Sev doesn't miss the opportunity to take the interview into the next dimension. Auggie's new project, People's Court is a banger that you should check out asap.

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

Scienz of Life - U.S.A (Underground Starving Artists)
Bobby Phisher - Through Vacant Hallways
Scheme - The Sun is Out
Civil Writes - Forgotten History
Verbal Intercourse - Elzi x ADaD
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shame
Blacksunn feat. King Mez - Props
Likwuid - Likwuidation Reprise
Boodah Blaou - Suits from 72
DTMD - Sea Me Sun
He.llsent - For The City
ShowYouSuck - Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Gangrene - Flamethrowers
Actual Proof - Dream
Longshot - At It Again
Likwuid - Sight For Sore Eyes
Detroit CYDI - Too Cool
Rocky Fresh - Never Lose
Neak - Scheming
Flying Lotus - RobertaFlack
Baboon Face - Dotropolis
Gang Starr feat. Freddie Foxx - The Militia (Pete Rock remix)
MED feat. Talib Kweli - Classic
Lupe Fiasco - Bad Bitch
Molemen - Put Your Quarter Up
Grade Aplus feat. Auggie the 9th - Antidote
Auggie the 9th - Lana Nana
Auggie the 9th - Creep
Auggie the 9th feat B. Easy - 89/88
A Tribe Called Quest - Sucka Nigga
Auggie the 9th feat. ShowYouSuck & Wesley - Kevin McCallister
Joey Bada$$ - Hardknock
EL-P - The Full Retard
Oh No - Take Another
Curren$y - Ventilation
7L & Esoteric - State of the Art
Apani B - A Million Eyes
Mellowhype - Polyurthane
Defcee & SevSeveer - Fantastico
Murs - And This Is For
Griffen - Jeffs
Sev Seveer and Rice the Sound Transmitter - Check The Method
Madvillain - Americans Most Blunted (Four Tet remix)
All Natural - Drug Wars
Lungz - Skeletons
Mad Skillz feat. Large Professor - Skillz
Mos Def - Do It
Nicolay - The Lights

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Interview: Hollywood Holt

Grab our interview with Hollywood Holt HERE.

The Show: 6.30.12

Hollywood Holt joins us to chop it up about the new album from Chocolate Industries, the new Treated Crown, debuted 2 new world exclusives from Million Dollar Mano and topped it all off with a good ol' fashioned freestyle. Don't get it twisted, Holt may be Hollywood but he's always in these STREETS!

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

E.C. Illa - On Ill
North Scientifik - The Formation
Pete Rock ft. MC Eiht - One Life to Live
2Pac - Do For Love
Common - Take it EZ
A Tribe Called Quest - Busta's Lament
Shape of Broad Minds - Changes
Beastie Boys - Sound of Silence
Wu Tang Clan - MGM
Jeru Tha Damaja - 99.9%
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Thuggin'
Little Brother - Nobody Like Me
Rocky Rivera feat. Nitty Scott - Daydream
Rashid Hadee & Pugs Atomz - Soundin Like'
Longshot - Open Mouths Fed
Mighty Joseph - Rock-It-Science
Defcee w/ Organic Beat Market - Sev Seveer
Dwill - Elite
A$AP Rocky - Purple Swag
Kendrick Lamar - Cartoons and Cereal
Big Krit feat. Ludacris - What You Mean
Bone Thugs n' Harmony - Thuggish Ruggish Bone
Three 6 Mafia - Mask and Da Glock
Odd Future - Lean
GLC - Honor Me
Epitome - Embrace
Schoolboy Q - Sexting
Treated Crew - Mr. Take Your Bitch
Kool Keith - Master of the Game
Chuck Inglish - Different
ShowYouSuck - Mom Jeans
N.E.R.D - Brain
Cybotron - Clear
Hollywood Holt - Hollywood
Hollywood Holt - Hollywood (Sammy Bananas Remix)
Treated Crew - LL Cool
Hollywood Holt - 2 Tones
Hollywood Holt - BuckWild
Boodah Blaou - Suits From 72
REL - One Single House
Beck - Nicotine and Gravy

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Show: 6.23.12

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:


Dj Nick Tracy Set

Falside - Home Bass
The O'My's ft. GLC - Applie Pie
Big K.R.I.T. - Thank You
Ras Kass ft. Planet Asia - It's A Problem
Pace Won - Nancy
Globetroddas - Love
Promoe - Off the Record
Pac Div - Automatic
Yelawolf - Lemonade
Oh No - Dues-n-Dont's
El-P - Drones over Bklyn
Nas - The Don
Blame One ft. Sean Price - Disturbed
Kendrick Lamar - Average Joe
The Throne - Welcome to the Jungle
Wreck Allstars - Hit Em Like This

Scheme - The Sun is Out
Noledge - Night at the Elysian
Griffen - Jeffs
Rocky Fresh - Never Lose
Nate Dogg - Nobody Does It Better
Benchwarmers Clique feat. LLamabeats - Snapshot
Professional Freestyle
Ajaxx Stax - Ludwiggy
He.llsent - For The City
AMS - Dusted
Sev Seveer - Borg Waltz
Flying Lotus - Zodiac Shit

Roper Set

Joey Bada$$ - Hardknock
Fabolous - Pachanga
Puff Daddy - What You Gonna Do?
Nas - Small World
Diamond D - On Stage
Murs & 9th Wonder - And This is For...
Masta Ace - Big City
Add-2 - The Crown
Camp Lo - Luchini AKA This It
The Arsonists - Fat Laces
YP - Kick Game
Beastie Boys - Long Burn The Fire
El-P - The Full Retard

Jeriko Jackson - Robot Chop 73
Joey Bada$$ - Crack Rap (Seveer Transmission remix)
J Dilla & Danny Brown - Jay Dee's Revenge
Big K.R.I.T. - What You Mean
ShowYouSuck - All Rad Everything
Highlife - Get A Light
Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg - OG
Thelonious Martin - Miami Nights
Gzus Piece - Ghetto Blessing
Grade Aplus - Let the Bass Go
Quasimoto - Greenery
Denmark Vessey ft. Sharkula - Vomit in the Ladies Booty
Curren$y - Sunroof
A$AP Rocky - Trilla
Odd Future - Oldie

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Show: 6.2.12

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

Midsummer Classics Vol.2 (mixed by Cosm Roks, May 2012)

Dibiase - Blessings
Count Bass D - Trading Whore Stories
Madvillain - Monkey Suite
Grade Aplus - Warmth
REL - One Single House
Savant aka Stanstro - Bar Enrichment (Sev Seveer Remix)
Planet Asia - Masonic Vocals
J Dilla and Bilal - Remember (remix)
Count Bass D - Dwight Spitz
Guilty Simpson - Clap Ya Hands
Clear Soul Forces - Gets No Better
Fugees - Fugee La La (Sev Seveer Fugee Wah Wah remix)
Neak - The Meeting Place
Rashid Hadee - Be Ever Wonderful ft. The Primeridian
Rufio - Le Nouveu (Ordre) ft. Keno
Oh No - Oh Zone
Raj Mahal - Shooting
North Scientifik - Saturday Afternoon
J Rawls feat. S.P.I.R.I.T - Who Am I
MED - Mystical Magical
Dotropolis - Baboon Face
Rocky Rivera - Daydream
Natural Resource - Bum Deal
Diamond D - I Went For Mine
Fat Joe - Bronx Keeps Creatin It
Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah
Rasco - Unassisted
Landlords - Pioneer
Method Man - P.L.O Style
50 Cent - Rowdy Rowdy (remix)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cosm Roks: Mid-Summer Classics Vol. 2

Back in November, Cosm Roks brought us "Black Friday". Now, the former THHP Host/DJ is hitting us over the head with a brand new mix that's sure to be locked in to our Summer rotation. "Mid-Summer Classics Vol. 2" is a follow up of the original mix (2010) and features some of our favorite selections from the past few months. Remember, kids, nobody cares about "exclusives" or you screaming all over your mixes. Hip-Hop fans just want good music, and this mix delivers just that. Did we mention that the mix is a full 100 minutes in length?

Steal it HERE, and don't forget to share it with your friends.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Show: 5.19.12

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

Killer Mike - Reagan
Neak - God Help the Middle Class
Mayday - Death March Remix feat. Pharoahe Monch & Stat Quo
I Self Devine - The Origin Of Urban Crisis

Roper Set

Jay-Z - Dear Summer
Jay Electronica - Dear Moleskine
Common - Lovin' I Lost
Danny Brown - Party all the Time
The Roots - Silent Treatment
Black Eyed Peas - Positivity
Canibus - Niggenometry
Rashid Hadee - Coldest Winter
Chuck L I - Impala
Mac Miller - Cold
Camp Lo - Cooley High
Outkast - Elevators (Me and You)
Company Flow - Krazy Kings
Proof - Kurt Kobain
Beanie Sigel - Mom Praying
Add-2 - Watermelon
A Tribe Called Quest - Sucka Nigga Inst.

Odd Future - Oldie
Pusha T - Alone in Vegas
The Roots - Make My

Dj Nick Tracy Set

Quest Love - Goodbye Isaac
Dj Soko - Stand Up
Karriem Riggins - 12's in 8
Mos Def - Chop Chop
Show & AG - Experience
Beastie Boys - Too Many Rappers
Talib Kweli - Oh My Stars
Mountain Brothers - 5 Elements
Busta Rhymes - You Can't Hold the Torch
Diamond District - Streets Won't Let Me Chill
Q-Tip - For the Nasty (Remix)
Floetry - Floetic
Wale - Smile (Remix)
yU - Time Machine
The Throne - New Day
Dstrukt - Tainted Thang
The Roots - Radio Daze
J.Rocc - Fuck the Police
Hypnotic Brass Ensamble - Spotti
Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe
Oddisee - Paralyzed

Georgia Ann Muldrow - Seeds
Nas - Daughters
Scheme - The Sun is Out
ShowYouSuck - Blue Lobster
El-P - The Full Retard
Cyhi da Prynce - Bulletproof
Travis Barker - Jump Down
Maja 7th - Dance with the Devil
Bumpy Knuckles - More Levels
Hodgy Beats - Cookie Coma
Chip tha Ripper - Fat Raps
Black Milk - Black and Brown
The Game - Letter to the King
Thelonious - The Homme Team

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Interview 5.12.12 : ShowYouSuck

Here is the ripped copy of our interview with ShowYouSuck. Grab a slice of pizza, a whole pie even, and enjoy

Grab our interview with ShowYouSuck HERE.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Show: 5.12.12

This episode was correct on all fronts as ShowYouSuck came by and blessed us with a few tracks, as well as a live air freestyle. There's a little something for everybody in this mix, as we received alot of positive feedback on this show in particular via Twitter from old fans and new fans alike. It seems we came down with a bit of trap fever and ShowYouSuck was only fuel to the fire.

*I got a feevah....and the only prescription is......more trap*

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

Add-2 - Yearbook
Mos Def - Sun, Moon, Stars
Planet Asia - No Apologies
Curren$y - Ventilation
Talib Kweli - Soul Music
Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe

Roper Set
The Alchemist - That'll Work
GLC - Clockin' Lotsa Dollaz
Treated Crew - 401K
Yelawolf - Billy Crystal
Drake - November 18th (Chuck Inglish Remix)
Jay-Z - Party Life
A$AP Rocky - Wassup
Chip tha Ripper - Ain't No Love Here
ShowYouSuck - Hunter Hearst Helmsley

ShowYouSuck Interview

ShowYouSuck - Kiss My Butt
ShowYouSuck - Original Chon Chon
ShowYouSuck - 3 Dudes Rapping
Juicy J - Who Da Neighbors
King Beece feat. Chief Keef - Boulevard
Big Boi feat. Yelawolf - You Ain't No DJ
Klevah - Pretty Ninja
LEP Bogus Boys - Amerikkk's Worst Nightmare
D Will - Brand New
Kendrick Lamar - Cartoons and Cereal
Bumpy Knuckles - More Levels

Dj Nick Tracy Set
Exile - Funk
Ge-Ology - Diurnal Insomnia
Oddisee - Boston
Apollo Brown - Just Walk
Showbiz & AG - My Imagination
Add-2 - Ain't Shit Change
Gangrene - Auralac Bags
Karriem Riggins - 12"s in 8
Nas - The Don
Mr. Scruff - Fish
K-Os - Electrik Heat (the Seekwill)
The Expressions - Money is King
Mos Def - Roses
Digable Planets - Rebirth of Slick
Diamond Disctrict - The Streets Won't Let me Chill
Phonte - Life of Kings
Blu - Greater Love
LMNO - Radiant
Method Man - 420
Neak - Celebration of Life's ILLZ (Body Bags Remix)
Scheme - The Sun is Out

Monday, May 14, 2012

MIX: Rest in Power MCA

A definitive Beastie Boys tribute mix in honor of the late Adam Yauch . So grab it! Mixed by Roper. RIP MCA

Grab our MCA tribute mixed by Roper HERE.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Show: 5.5.12

Our show last week got off to a somber start with the passing of the legendary MCA of Beastie Boys fame. Roper set the show off right with a classic tribute mix for devoted Beastie heads to appreciate. Later on in this show, Soulphonetics stops in for a Latin inspired DJ set, as it WAS Cinco De Mayo. Annnnnnnnd Miguel Cotto gets beat up.

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

Beastie Boys - Slow Ride
Beastie Boys - Sure Shot
Beastie Boys - Root Down (Free Zone mix)
Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies
Beastie Boys - Bodhavista Vow
Beastie Boys - The New Style
Beastie Boys - Intergalatic
Beastie Boys - Get It Together
Beastie Boys - Rhyme the Rhyme Well
Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise
Beastie Boys - Sabotage
Beastie Boys - Paul Revere
Beastie Boys - Slow and Low
Beastie Boys - Pass The Mic
Beastie Boys - So What'cha Want
Beastie Boys - Posse in Effect
Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey
Beastie Boys - OK
Beastie Boys - Song For Junior
Big Pun ft. Noreaga - You Came Up
Cypress Hill - Throw Ya Hands in the Air
Main Source - Vamos Rapier
The Beatnuts - Prendelo
Joell Ortiz - Latino
Panik - No Tengo Dinero
DJ Muggs & Planet Asia - Pain Language
El Gant - Dedication
Chino XL - Nunca
Clew Rock - Sick Shit
Rashid Hadee ft. Furlee - You Never Knew
Immortal Technique - Harlem Streets
Mc Nico B - Cicero Police Song
DJ Revolution feat. Joell Ortiz & Termanology - Ey
Fat Joe - Flow Joe
Scheme - The Sun is Out
Kurious - I'm Kurious
Wyclef Jean - Guantanamera
La Coka Nostra - Brujeria

Soulphonetics Set

The Beatnuts - Turn it Out
Scheme - Hello
Big Pun - Twinz (Deep Cover '98)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Interview 4.28.12: Neak

Grab our interview with Neak HERE.

The Show: 4.28.12

Check out our heavy show from the past week, featuring THHP family Neak. Closing out the show we had a ridiculous set from Mattboy White. This is probably one of the only mixes where you'll hear funk and disco breaks and trap bangers in the same hour. Get it all right here

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

Thelonious - Purp
Add-2 - Ain't Shit Change
Sir Michael Rocks - Chill
Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe
Savant of Rarebreed - Bar Enrichment
Cyhi da Prynce - Bulletproof
Treated Crew - Up'N Fees
Nas - Daughters
Lupe Fiasco - Double Burger with Cheese
Highlife - Get A Light
Gangrene - Drink Up
Neak - Scheming
Thelonious - The Homme Team
Rashid Hadee - Back on my Grind
Mick Luter - What ya Sayin'
Large Professor - The Radar (Remix)
Epitome - Junkyard Funk
Hodgy Beats - Ave
Chuck Inglish - Love Work
Pac Div - The Greatness
Neak - Runnin' Right Back
Neak - God Help the Middle Class
Neak - Celebration of Life's ILLZ

DJ Nick Tracy Set
JVC - Strong Island
Karriem Riggins - "12's in 8"
Ge-Ology - Diurnal Insomnia
Phonte - Life of Kings
Waajeed - Tetris
Nas - The Don
Beat Junkies - A Message from Mos Def
Jay Electronica - Dealing
Black Star - Fix Up
A$AP Rocky - Goldie
Crucial Conflict - Hay
Rasco - Masonic Vocals
Mac Miller - Cold

DJ Mattboy White Set
Jay-Z vs. Hall & Oats - 99 Problems
Slick Rick - Children's Story
Jay-Z - Encore (Mattboy White Mashup)
Hall & Oats - I Can't For That
Kool & the Gang - Get Back on It
The Pointer Sisters - Automatic
Stevie Wonder - Do I Do (Disco Edit)
Michael Jackson - Off the Wall
Chicago - Saturday in the Park
Escort - Cocaine Blues
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California (Scene Remix)
Chromeo - When the Night Falls
Earth, Wind & Fire - September
ShowYouSuck - Kiss My Butt
Flosstradamus - Original Chon Chon
ShowYouSuck - Beef Stew
Future - Same Damn Time
Kanye West - Way Too Cold (Theraflu)
The Knife - Heartbeats
Big Boi - Royal Flush
LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out
KRS-One - Sound of the Police
Dr. Dre - The Next Episode
Drake - The Motto (Remix)
Too Short - Blow the Whistle
Schoolboy Q - There He Go
Madvillain - Curls
Gravediggaz - Defective Trip

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Interview: Gzus Piece

Grab our interview with Gzus Piece HERE.

The Show: 4.21.12

Make sure you catch this show with special guest Gzus Piece from Treated Crew cause it might be the last time you can before we start UP'N FEES!

Steal it HERE.

 Here's what we played:
Madvillian - America's Most Blunted (Four Tet Remix)
MellowHigh - Go
Chrome Children - No $ No Toke
Crucial Conflict - Hay
Wiz Khalifa - Mia Wallace
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Budsmokers Only
Highlife - Get A Light
Freddie Gibbs - Natural High
Wiz Khalifa - Visions
Method Man & Redman - Dis Is 4 All My Smokers
De La Soul - Peer Pressure
Suff Daddy - LottaHydro
Cypress Hill - Hits from the Bong
Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe
Kid Cudi - Hyyerr
Jay-Z - Hater
Quasimoto - Greenery
Redman - Freestyle Freestyle
Terry Urban - How High (Remix)
Oh No - Take Another
The Throne - Who Gon Stop Me
Busta Rhymes - Dillagence
Erykah Badu - Honey Coated
Jay Electronica - Posers
Suff Daddy - Suff in China
Grand Puba - Go Hard
Gzus Piece - 95
J Dilla - Shouts (Alt)
Action Bronson - Ray Lewis
Treated Crew - All Black
Gzus Piece - Bounce
Treated Crew - Up'N Fees
Gzus Piece - Ghetto Blessings
Dawreck - 420
Mac Miller - Cold
Denmark Vessey - Sharkula Vomit In The Ladies Booty
Pugs Atomz - You're My Weed
Walter J. Liveharder ft. Pac Div - Gold Trees
Knxwledge - Intro
Raj Mahal - Shooting
Paper Son- Infinite (Remix)
He.llsent - For The City
Oh No - Flight
Sev Seveer- Check The Method - Plato's Kush
Klevah - Pretty Nigga
Rah Digga - The Nigga in Me
North Scientific - Saturday Afternoon
Oddisee - Long Beach
AMS - Dusted
Vic Mensa - Black Intro
Grap Luva - Collertors Item
AZ - Rather Unique
Big Shug - Murdapan
Kazi - Average
Kanye West - Way Too Cold
Childish Gambino - Backpackers
Sir Michael Rocks - Chill
Danny Brown - Monopoly
Redman - Smoke Buddah
Qwel - The Highest Commitment
Schoolboy Q - There He Go

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Show: 4.14.12

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

GLC - I Aint Even On Yet
Gangrene - Acts of Violence
Big K.R.I.T - King's Blues
Buff 1 ft. Invincible & Black Milk- Supreme
Cali Kings feat. Xzibit, Defari and Alkoholiks - Fresh Out The Box
Canibus - M Sea Crecy
DJ Cam feat. Afu Ra - Voodoo Child
E.C Illa feat. Planet Asia - Ill at Will
Ghostface Killah feat. Rza - Nutmeg
Gangstarr - Make Em Pay
Mighty Joseph - Rock It Science
Molemen - Bonus track (Vakill,Qwel,Prime,Mass Hysteria)
Mr Lif - Collapse The Walls
Musab - Baang
Madvillain - Great Day
Rasheed Hadee - Hadiesel
D&D All Stars -1,2,Pass It
Cypress Hill - Throw Ya Hands in the Air
Basement Khemists - Vibrate
Apollo Brown - Way Back
9th Wonder - Ether
Little Brother - The Becoming
Rashid Hadee - Man's Best Friend
Elzi - One Love
Aceyalone & Abstract Rude - We Like Break Beats
Mos Def - The Glow
Bibio - Fire Aint
Madvillain - Eye
DJ Day - Four Hills
Bilal - Love It
O.D.B & Busta Rhymes - The Money
Kanye West - Dark Fantasy
J Dilla - Gobstopper
Common - Sun God
Add-2 - Love Jones
Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe
Devin the Dude - I-Hi
Childish Gambino - Backpackers
Odd Future - Rella
Danny Brown - Monopoly
Cyhi da Prynce - Bulletproof
Planet Asia - No Apologies
Maxilla Blue - Lego Blocks
Gangrene - Gladiator Shit
Wiz Khalifa - Nameless
The Notorious BIG & 2Pac - Otis
Pac Div - The Greatness

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Interview 4.7.12: 4th Pyramid

Grab the interview with 4th Pyramid HERE.

The Show: 4.7.12

Steal it HERE.

Here's what we played:

Rubberoom - It's On
El-P - Constellation (Remix)
Eminem - Till I Collapse
The Game - Martians vs. Goblins
Cage - Agent Orange
RZA - Holocaust
Mighty Joseph - The Dark Ages
MF DOOM - Operation Greenbacks
Odd Future - Everything That's Yours
Boot Camp Click - 1, 2, 3
Lil' Kim - Queen Bitch
Kanye West - Good Morning
Gorillaz - Rock the House
MIA - Paper Planes
Rashid Hadee - Worker's Compensation
The Artifacts - The Ultimate (Remix)
The Cool Kids - Black Mags
Jay Electronica - Exhibit A
Kanye West - Mercy
Treated Crew - All Black
A Tribe Called Quest - Get A Hold
Suff Daddy - Viana
Suff Daddy - Like That
Exile - Frequency Modulation
Action Bronson - Shorty Bop
Raekwon - Crane Style
Slum Village - 2U4U
Common - Doin' It
Sean Price - Blame 1
Kendrick Lamar - Average Joe
4th Pyramid - Simmy Auto
4th Pyramid - So Balboa
4th Pyramid - It's So Hot
Lupe Fiasco - Double Burger With Cheese
Odd Future - Oldie
Kendrick Lamar - Growing Apart
Jay Electronica - Victory is in My Clutches
Quasimoto - Axe Puzzles
Jay-Z - Lost Ones
J Cole - Too Deep for the Intro
Wiz Khalifa - Never Been
9th Wonder & Buckshot - Birdz
The Roots - Radio Daze
Common - Gold
Busta Rhymes - You Can't Hold the Torch
Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar
Pete Rock - Smooth Sailing
Exile ft. Slum Village - Time Has Come
Common - The Dreamer
Planet Asia - Cali Breeze
Bahamadia - Da Jawn
Wiz Khalifa - Mia Wallace
Thelonious - Miami Nights
Schoolboy Q - There He Go
Add-2 - Going Going Gone
Thelonious - The Homme Team
Mick Luter - Wat Ya Sayin'