Friday, October 8, 2010

R.I.P. K-Tone of D2ThaS (Tribute Mix)

Here's the K-Tone of D2ThaS tribute from last month's show. We wanted to isolate it just in case you guys didnt get a chance to listen to it.
Steal it HERE.
Or, Stream it!


Gimmie My Wreck - D2ThaS
Come Widdit - D2ThaS
Doomsday - D2ThaS
Sound of Revolution - D2ThaS
My Brothers Keeper - D2ThaS
Livin in a Hellhole - D2ThaS
Livin in a Hellhole (Remix) D2ThaS
Devistate - E.C.Illa ft. K-Tone
Caps Get Peeled - D2ThaS
Dissin these Fools - D2ThaS

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