Monday, August 9, 2010

Interview: Mike Treese 08.07.10

Mike Treese of Mass Hysteria drops by to talk about Mass Hysteria's new record 'So Amazing'. Mike also speaks on criticisms of the group and some of the adversities facing independent artists these days.

Check out the video for "So Amazing" ft. Gravity


  1. Thanks yall ! but yo that STEAL IT HERE link doesn't work, holla! -Mike

  2. What up! Glad to see the Hip Hop Project going strong. Also, good to see the Mass Hysteria album complete and ready to drop. I got a chance to hang out with Mass Hysteria when I was in Chicago last and hear about half the album with them and they got some definite joints on there.

    Wanted to point out that I might have not have made my situation to Mike clear. I didn't move to work for the store due to label downsizing. Me working for the store was something that both me and RSE wanted to do for a long time but couldn't find someone to fill my spot at RSE and figure out what exactly I would do there. I moved over to FEO but RSE just hired a few new staff people also and has a lot music on deck to drop.

    As for my new job. We just launched this new media part of the site and I'm the head writer/editor for that. It's covering a wide range of things; video interviews, album reviews, movie reviews, etc... Plus I'm working on a lot of Hip Hop History pieces that should be ill. Already have a Psalm One & East Of The Rock Interview up. Got a lot of Chicago interview about to drop; Stedy Serv, O Type Star, Spalaney's, SPO, Ang 13, Akbar, & Mass Hysteria!

  3. Thanks for checking us out, Mr Beacham! I would definitely not be doing it still if it wasn't for guys like Kevin, JP Chill, Brother El, Dj 3rd Rail and Vaughn C.