Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome Back!

After a brief absence from the internet, THHP is back online. The new and improved has everything our previous website had with a little bit more. Fans who need their rap radio fix can download our weekly podcast, special tribute shows and mixes, classic interviews, and even our entire mixtape catalog. We will soon be back up on iTunes, but for now is your one stop for the latest THHP show content. Please check us out, leave feedback, download your favorite shows, and remember we upload our podcasts every week. Thank you.


  1. Welcome back gentlemen, congrats with the new set up.

  2. Happy to see u have a Web site back
    e..p RaDiO ShoW (elephantprint Radio) back online and already setup to stream you live
    and play the podcast 2 times in the week
    yesterday i was with Cosmos Galactus,Infinito 2017 & ThaiOne Davis in Paris they had a great show
    speak to ya all soon


    e..p RaDiO Show
    Tune IN: