Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fresh Out the Box: The Best of Bobby Creekwater

The Hip Hop Project & Shady Records proudly present:
"Fresh Out the Box: The Best of Bobby Creekwater"
Mixed by Dj Monky & Cosm Roks

The Hip Hop Project has now officially put its stamp all over the map. In 2006, The Hip Hop Project released "Street Triumph" with Freddie Foxxx and Dj Premier (NYC) followed up by "Resume" with Stricklin (Milwaukee). Shortly after in 2007, those releases were followed up by "Stormwatch" with Evidence of Dilated Peoples (L.A.). Now in 2009, The Hip Hop Project has brought it's Chicago to Atlanta to bring you "Fresh out the Box: The Best of Bobby Creekwater". For the past four years, Bobby Creekwater has solidified his bid to become the new "King of the South" with the release of several mixtape projects and his EP series entitled "The B.C. Era". Bobby Creek is one of the few artists of our generation to provide the perfect balance of street antems with conscious reminders of real life situations. The 'Fresh out the Box" mixtape provides the rare opportunty to showcase the best of what Bobby Creekwater has to offer so far. The project is mixed by The Hip Hop Project's own Dj Monky and Cosm Roks. The mix features cameos and production from Eminem, Obie Trice, Alchemist, Stat Quo, Ca$his, and many more. Even though this is "The Best of Bobby Creekwater", the best is really yet to come. Bobby Creekwater plans to release his first major studio album this fall. The mix will be available for free download for a limited time beginning NOW with a hard copy release to follow later this summer.

1. Intro
2. Bobby Creek
3. International Player's Anthem Freestyle (ft Bohagon, Jimmy Swagger, Charlie Hustle)
4. Rainman
5. I Don’t Know My Name
6. Big Buildings
7. BC Era
8. I Still Love Her
9. All I Do
10. Guess Who's Back
11. Crack A Bottle (Remix) (ft Cashis, Eminem)
12. Big Brother Freestyle
13. There He Is
14. Cry Now Remix (ft Obie Trice, Kuniva, Cashis, Stat Quo)
15. Master of Ceremony
16. Trying to Make It (ft Stat Quo, Sandman)
17. Hey
18. OJ Simpson
19. Acid Rain
20. Throw Da Duece
21. Chec Chec
22. Junkie
23. Fuckin' Up My Cool
24. Until Next Time (Outro)
25. Bye Bye

Download it HERE

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